Nicola Sani special guest @ Ars Musica Brussels

Nov. 11th, Halles de Schaerbeek, Chemical Free (?)
Nov. 17th, Les Brigittines, Seascapes XI – World Premiere

Ars Musica Bruxelles presents in world premiere Nicola Sani’s new work, Seascapes XI (2018), for Ondes Martenot (Nadia Ratsimandresy, performer) and electronics, on Saturday Nov. 17th, 6.30 pm, at Les Brigittines theatre in Brussels.

The staging of work, which was commissioned to Sani by Ars Musica, will be preceeded by that of Chemical Free (?) at Les Halles de Schaerbeek, on Sunday Nov. 15th, at 3 pm. This multimedia opera, considered the most suprising events of Biennale Musica di Venezia back in 2015, is a journey through the microcosm of matter, assembling creatively video, music, electronics and informatics, playing with both the intellect and the audience senses. The composition’s live electronics and sound direction are by Alvise Vidolin, the video by UK artist David Ryan.

Seascapes is a series of sound paintings freely inspired by the images of Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto. Over time, these images of sound have become increasingly open to new horizons and new instrumental set-up, connected to the development of the compositional processes. Seascapes XI was commissioned by Ars Musica Festival Brussels, which this year is dedicated to the theme of the Inouï: to the unknown, to what has never been heard, to the incredible mistery of sound. The Ondes Martenot meet fully with this term, since it is an instrument with a fascinating, mysterious and forgotten sound. Born at the dawn of the research on electroacoustic sound, it always has been characterized by a visionary design that expand its output on several different loudspeakers, featuring different timbric outputs. I started from this suggestion to define an expanded projection of the image of the instrument, starting from progressive distortions of those sounds, immersed in an atmosphere of technological archaism. The marine metaphor of the Seascapes meets the Ondes Martenot as a generator of sonorities and sound processes that reverberate in the acoustic space enveloping the audience, thanks to the extraordinary perfoming technique developed by Nadia Ratsimandresy.

Nicola Sani, composer artistic director and cultural manager, was born in Ferrara in 1961.
His musical training includes studies in composition with Domenico Guaccero and Karlheinz Stockhausen and in electronic music composition with Giorgio Nottoli. Throughout his studies, masterclasses with Tristan Murail, Jonathan Harvey, George Benjamin provided important orientations. He is the author of numerous instrumental and electroacoustic works, stage operas, dance operas, videoart and multimedia installations, commissioned, produced and performed by internationally renowned Institutions, orchestras, ensembles and soloists within the most important seasons and festivals worldwide. His music is recorded on CDs and DVDs and broadcasted worldwide.
He is currently Artistic director of the Accademia Chigiana in Siena, Italy, President of the “Istituto Italiano di Studi Verdiani” (Italian Institute for Verdi Studies) in Parma, member of the artistic board of the “Istituzione Universitaria dei Concerti” (University Concert Institution) in Rome and board member of the “Fondazione Archivio Luigi Nono” (Luigi Nono Archive Foundation) in Venice. He as been CEO and Artistic director of “Teatro Comunale di Bologna” (Bologna Opera House) and Artistic director of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma (Rome’s Opera House). From 2004 to 2014 Nicola Sani has served as President of the “Isabella Scelsi Foundation” in Rome, dedicated to the study and to the diffusion of the cultural heritage of the composer Giacinto Scelsi.
He has been curator of the music section of the “Festival Arte Elettronica” (Electronic Arts Festival) in Camerino, Italy, of the Electronic Arts section of RomaEuropa Festival, artistic director of the Contemporary Chamber Music series “Emergenze” in Rome and artistic director of the “Sonora” Project, founded by the Italian Foreign Affairs and Culture Ministry with the aim of promoting Italian New Music worldwide.
Nicola Sani was honored with the title of “Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” by the French Minister of Culture. He has won numerous awards in Italy and abroad, including the Prix Ars Electronica (Linz), the Guggenheim Award, the New Connections Award from the British Council, the “Erato Farnesina” prize of the Italian Foreign Minister, the “Giuseppe Verdi” award and the “Scanno” prize for music of the Tanturri Foundation. Under his leading the Teatro Comunale di Bologna has been awarded with four “Abbiati Prizes”, in 2016 and 2018, the most important classical music award in Italy.
He has written numerous essays and articles on contemporary music published by several musicological reviews, newpapers and magazines in Italy and abroad (among which “Computer Music Journal”-Mit Press and “Perspective of New Music”). He is member of the scientific board of the musicology review “Music/Realtà”. He is the author of the book “Musica Espansa” (“Expanded Music”, co-author Francesco Galante, published by Ricordi-Lim, Milan). He held numerous workshops, master-classes and lectures for national and international institutions, and acted as jury member in many international composition and vocal competitions.